Story Time

In this essay, I will be comparing Timmerman to other stories. First, I will talk to you about the stories then I will compare. Some of these stories have the same theme but not all of stories. The first story I would telling you about is called Timmerman and then fathers day. When I’m done telling you about it would be comparing them.

In the book, Timmerman, a little girl’s grandfather moves out of her house. After a couple of weeks Timmerman comes to live at the little girl’s house. At first the girl didn’t trust Timmerman but when she started to know him better she like him. A lot of people think that Timmerman is a robber because he has a bag and a spade every night. At school the little girl was defending Timmerman. At they end of the story they found out that Timmerman wasn’t a robber he was just planting flowers with his bag and spade.

In the story, Father’s Day, a little boy’s dad passed away. The boy was sad that his father passed away. Then Michael comes and becomes the little boy’s dad on New Years “a miracle.’’ The boy is happy that he has a dad now.

Now I will be comparing Timmerman to Fathers Day. The little girl is not welcoming Timmerman. Then she starts trusting Timmerman because he was helping her and being nice. At they end of the story Timmerman plants flowers everywhere. So, Timmerman is a good guy.


A little boy’s father passed away and now the boy is sad. At New Years Eve, the boy wish he could have a dad. His wish happened and now Michael is his new dad. He is happy that he has a dad but he is not going to replace his real dad.

Kim Li the Great is another story I read. Dara was Ms.Royson favorite student until Kim Li came to the school. Kim Li took Dara spot at the front of the class and now Dara is made. Dara thought that Ms.Royson has a new favorite student Kim Li. But Ms.Royson was just welcoming Kim Li. Dara told all the students about Kim Li the Great. Then they all started chanting Kim Li the Great. Dara started it, Kim Li thought that it was serious but it was just a joke. At they end of the story the students were chanting Dara the Great. They were all chanting Dara the Great because Dara saved Kim Li live by pulling her hand outside. Now they are best friends.

Now I will be comparing Kim Li the Great to Timmerman. In Kim Li the Great Kim Li gets bullied at school. Both of the story have similar beginning and ending. In Timmerman the little girl gets a black eye at school. The Bobsledder’s Jacket is another story I read. Jack is participating in the Winter Olympics. When Jack got to the Olympics, he received a team USA Bobsledder jacket. Jack sleeve on his jacket got torn. Earlier that day he’d torn it by climbing a fence. He was joking around with he’s team mates. Suddenly a young Japanese girl took Jacks jacket and ran away. Twenty minutes later, they were standing with the other American athletes waiting to start. When it was about to start jack suddenly felt a tugging. The tugging was a young Japanese girl giving the USA jacket back with no torn. Jack thought that the young Japanese girl stole it but she was just fixing it. When the parade started the young Japanese girl went on Jack shoulders.

Now I will be comparing the Bobsledder’s Jacket and Timmerman. In the book Timmerman it’s a misunderstanding because everyone thinks he’s bad but he ends up being good. The only reason everyone thinks he’s bad is because they saw him late at night with a bag and a spade. In the book Bobsledder Jack thinks that the young girl stole the Jacket but she didn’t. So in Bobsledder it’s also a misunderstanding because Jack thinks that the young Japanese girl stole the Jacket but she didn’t steal it. So the both stories are very similar to each other.

Your Name In Gold is another story I read. The story is about two sisters that are fighting over a pin that has your name in gold. Mary is older than Anne so Mary always gets her way. Anne was going to get her pin but she didn’t have 1 dollar. They were still fighting over it until Mary ordered it. One day the mailman came and gave a package to Mary. Anne said to Mary that her package came. Mary opened the package and told Anne do you want to see it. Anne said no I don’t care about your dumb old pin. Mary put the pin back in the box. Anne look inside the box and saw her name in gold “Anne”. Anne thought that Mary was going to get it for herself but got it for Anne.

Now I will be comparing Timmerman and Your Name In Gold. Timmerman is a misunderstanding like Your Name In Gold because everybody thought that Timmerman was a robber. They thought he was a robber because he was walking on the street late at night with a bag and a spade. It turn at that Timmerman was a good guy he was just planting flowers. In Your Name In Gold it’s a misunderstanding too. It’s a misunderstanding because Mary wants her Name In Gold and Anne wants her name in gold too. Anne didn’t have a dollar and Mary hade a dollar so Mary got it. But Mary got it for Anne instead of herself.

She didn’t give up on me is another story I read. It’s about a girl that has a foster mother. The little girl hates her foster mother because she never plays with her toys. This is the little girl’s third foster mother when her foster mother told her that Kate was single and wanted to adopt her. She was surprised that Kate wanted to adopt her. The little girl really like Kate as a mother because she is not mean to her. Also Kate lets her play with her toys. Anyway Kate never gave up on the little girl. At a point it hit the little girl Kate doesn’t want to get rid of her she really love her. Kate and the girl is family forever.

Now I will be comparing Timmerman and she didn’t give up on me. Timmerman is similar to she didn’t give up on me because in Timmerman the girl bring Timmerman in her life. In she didn’t give up on me the girl bring Kat in her life and would be family forever.

What does it take to be a good friend?

To be a good friend you have to be nice, helpful and be there when they needs you. You have to play with your friend and help them when they need help. Friends should hang out with each other.

How do people become good friends?

People become good friends when they like the same things, play with each other and respect each other. They also help each other out when other people are not nice to them. If there someone new to the school I will probably try to be his friend.

What can cause friendships to change?

Friendships can change because of fights. Sometimes we don’t agree with our friend or say mean things about them so we end up not talking to each other. Also disagreements can make your friendship change.

You don’t just have friends in your live you also have family. Something special about parents and children is the love, the support and the relationship. There also a relationship between grandparents and children. We love are grandparents because they made are parents and the respect us and love us. If you want a good parent it come from their parents. It’s important to have older people in your live because you can’t live without them. If you don’t have them in your live you can’t go anywhere without them, you can’t buy stuff, you can’t go to school, nothing.

You can also spend a lot of time with your parents and grandparents. An older person can always love you, buy you stuff, pay for you.

In conclusion, you have to have a relationship with someone to be happy. If you don’t, in life you will be lonely and you’re not going to be that happy. Most stories are about belonging and friendship. All of these stories that I read almost have the same ending, a happy ending.



Great Comments

Commenting is fun, it allows you to comment on any blogs. I already commented on blogs in Australia, United States, New Zealand and obviously Canada. You pick which post that you would like to comment on. You could comment on any blog.

I don’t really get a lot of comments but here is a comment that I received.

 Hi Josh! I have pets too. I have a dog its a fourche terrier, its a mix with a Yorkshire and a West Highland Terrier. My dog is named cooper ,he is 2 years old and loves playing outside. I also have a winter white hamster named Crosby. He really loves carrots as well as my dog. They are each boys and are sometimes annoying. How old are your pets?
Jenna online

This comment is good because she says that she has dogs as well and she says what kind of dogs she has. She’s also expressing how she feels about her pets and what they do.

Continue reading

Big Challenge!

This year there a Student Blogging Challenge. I’m in the Student Blogging Challenge. The Student Blogging Challenge is when any student from any school from any country can write a blog on any subject. People from either country could even see our blogs. Almost everybody that blogs are in the Student Blogging Challenge. If you want people to see your blogs just make up a creative title and blog to have more people reading your blog and commenting. So, we just write blogs and I think they pick what kind of blog we have to write. Good luck in the Student Blogging Challenge.


Best soccer player

My favorite soccer player is Antoine Griezmann because he’s a very good soccer player and I like his style of playing. Antoine Griezmann is also one of the best soccer players in the world. Antoine Griezmann plays for Atlético Madrid. My favorite team is not Atlético Madrid it is Arsenal I don’t know why I like them, but the only reason is because they have good players. I started liking Griezmann 2 years ago. I have a jersey of griezmann playing with France. When I just started liking him a thought that he was English but he is French. Griezmann is born on March 21 1991 he is 25 years old. His number is 7 for Atlético Madrid and France. Griezmann plays forward and midfield but mostly fImage result for griezmannorward. He’s my favorite player.

Almost Made It

I made the fitness try out, not the fitness team. If you don’t know what fitness is, it either bench hop, skipping rope long jump, push up or shuffle run. I made two try out bench hops and shuffle run. The tournament is February 23 2017. Most of my friend made the team.

In shuffle run my record is 11.78 seconds but I beat my record at the try out. I got 11.73 seconds not I big different but I still beat. Unfortunately I didn’t make the team. I was proud of myself because that pretty fast, and I’m not that fast. Anyways I still have bench hop. Continue reading

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